“Social change and spatial change are integral to each other.”

                                                                                  -Doreen Massey


Exclusivity is a dominating occurrence in our lives. The separation of our society by race and class is mirrored in our zoning laws and exploited by commercial development and political policy. The pursuit of social change, inclusiveness, and equality is an exercise in interconnectedness rather than division. As geographer Doreen Massey observed in the opening quote, our society cannot achieve justice and equity until we demand a community that is designed to support them. Thus, there are parallels between the built environment we live within and the continued political policies of explicit marginalization and oppression.


These paintings are a reaction to patriarchy and oppression. The visceral paint application pushes back against narratives of exclusivity and policies of exploitation. Hard-edged geometry is utilized to silence while gestural marks are empowered voices of opposition. These paintings emphasize the inherent flatness of painting and compositionally represent the challenges of spatial and social separation. 

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